The Evens Program in Mediation and Conflict management


The Evens Program in Mediation and Conflict management

at Tel Aviv University


The Evens Program is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in the theory and practice of mediation and conflict management. In order to achieve these goals, it created two main units: An academic program which grants Master (MA) degree in conflict resolution and mediation, and a Mediation Center which provides services to the university community (students and staff) as well as to the larger community.


A. The Master (MA) Program in Conflict management and Mediation:


In recent years the importance of conflict managementas an essential subject both for academic research and for professional training has been increasingly recognized.  This trend is evident in the widespread research being published on this subject, in the amount of periodicals devoted to the field, and in the unprecedented flourishing of centers and programs for the study and instruction of conflicts and their resolutions. Needless to say in Israel the subject is endowed with exceptional weight due to the ongoing conflict with its neighbors and the multitude of internal cleavages and disputes.


In view of this reality, we have decided to create an interdisciplinary graduate program in which students are exposed in the first year of studies to the main theoretical perspectives on conflict management- legal, political, cultural, economic, and socio-psychologica .At this stage the students are also offered professionally-oriented courses: Principles of Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). In the second year, students are able to specialize in certain areas of conflict resolution, such as the family, community, work, business, local government, non-governmental organizations, and the international community, with a special emphasis on the Israeli-Arab conflict. The choice of the field of specialization is made by the students according to their own preferences.


The Goal of the MA Program:

The singularity of this program lies first and foremost in its two-fold goals of training   skilled researchers as well as practitioners in the various domains of conflicts and their resolutions.  Accordingly, the program has been constructed so that its graduates will be eligible for two types of credentials: an academic degree at the master level (M.A.) granted by Tel Aviv University, and a professional certificate indicating the conclusion of a mediation course which is recommended by the Israeli Ministry of Law.


Admission Requirements:

The program is open to holders of a Bachelor of Arts degree in the social sciences, law, management, and the humanities. An average grade of at least 85 for the B.A. is required. Special consideration is given to applicants with prior experience in the field of conflict management. Candidates with a B.A. degree in other fields of study have to take certain complementary courses as a precondition for admission to the Program.

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"In the wake of the Evens Program's success, the English-language International Program in Conflict management and Mediation was created in 2009. This one-year interdisciplinary MA degree program offers students from around the world to acquire the skills needed for conflict managementin the international arena. For more information, please visit their website at"